Orlando, Florida

For more than four decades, the East Orlando Animal Hospital has been setting the industry standard for pet care. Understanding that pets are part of the family, their services uphold this philosophy. There passionate about pet care, health and overall well-being. A full-service animal hospital, catering to the needs of dogs, cats, reptiles, birds and small mammals. 

Voted one of the 10 best in the area, the East Orlando Animal Hospital needed laundry equipment that met and excessed the demands of this very busy practice. 

Laundry and providing clean towels and bedding are a key component to any animal facility, that maintains the highest standards. The heath and well –being of the animals and staff is critical within all stages of the hospital’s care. 

East Orlando Animal Hospital choose the True Commercial Crossover by Wascomat, for its professional grade engineering, design and flawless reliability in extreme conditions with best in class wash results.

Crossover build for 15,000 wash cycle’s vs the home style machines at only 5,000 delivers years more use and cost savings than any other brand on the market. This is an essential tool to maintain the operations of the hospital. 

With components like Animal fur engineered pump and filter, the Crossover is the best solution in pet care. 

Also offering Dog Day Care – Boarding and Grooming, East Orlando Animal Care needed laundry equipment that was durable to meet the hundreds of loads each month providing flawless washing results, saving money on utilities and a longevity to allow this outstanding care facility to stay up and running, day and night, month after month, year after year.