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True Commercial

What is true commercial?

There is a huge misunderstanding within the laundry industry that a coin box equals commercial. For years, manufacturers have passed off home-style consumer grade laundry equipment as commercial.

Crossover 2.0 is True Commercial

From the ground up construction, with a history of superior engineering, design and the most painstaking attention to detail are crafted into each machine.

For business, retail laundromats, OPL or the rigors of large family home use, you expect and demand longer life, greater reliability and a performance experience second to none.

  • Two cast iron SKF bearing – not aluminum
  • Solid Steel counterweights – not cement
  • 8 points of robust suspension – not 4
  • AC Motor – not brushes
  • 300 G-force water extraction
  • Veterinary proven pump drain and filter
  • 15,000 cycle machine life design – not home style 5,000
  • 3 times longer life

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