Long life is the key to real cost of ownership

Crossover is engineered to the most detailed specifications to provide years of carefree performance for coin laundries. If you have ever had to replace a laundry machine more frequently than you wanted or experienced greater than expected service calls and repair issues, then Crossover is the best choice for your coin laundry needs.

With the semi-professional Crossover washer, the overall cost of ownership is far less compared to other cheap home appliance style brands on the market. Crossover is designed to provide 15,000+ cycles — more than double the competition.

True Cost Exposure

Machine cost is more than the purchase price. When making a capital investment you need to consider the longevity of the machine’s life, ease of maintenance when service is required, and how often you need to place service calls for your equipment. With Crossover you gain real long-term savings you won’t find with lower priced models.

Crossover engineering superiority

Crossover virtually eliminates unbalanced load service calls. While other machines use a simple unbalance switch, Crossover’s sophisticated computer algorithm uses drum motor current draw and motor speed RPM to automatically calculate proper distribution of the load.

No over-suds machine service calls

Unlike other machines which stay locked for over an hour, Crossover detects over-suds conditions with only a slight increase in run time of 5-7 minutes. The cycle fully completes without error and the door will immediately unlock.

Long life components

Crossover’s pump is heavy duty and the boot is thick and robust and rarely gets pierced.

Easy access product design

The Crossover washer has nine active components: 2x water valve assemblies, inverter, level sensor, door unlock module, display controller, drum motor, pump, and door lock. 100% of all active components can be accessed electrically from the top of the machine. This speeds service diagnosis. 90% of active components can physically be accessed from the top or rear panel, making service easier and less costly.

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